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Our History

Meet the Founder

Greetings All! I am Alesha Pryce, the Founder, Owner of SIC ARTS/ CRE8. I have been working in Education for over 10 years as a Teacher, Youth Mentor, IAG Advisor, SEN specialist, Employment and Engagement Officer, Youth Worker and International Youth Programme Manager. Championing diversity coming from a diverse background myself, I have worked with young people from all ages and spectrums including SEN, PRE-NEET, NEET, EMHS. Since a child I have always been interested in the Arts, from Dance, Drama to Art - creativity was my outlet. I grew up in a single parent household where I was always allowed to create and play. This lead me to study Creative Industries; Radio, Television and Journalism at  City University.  During my studies, I worked for Channel 4 (New Media, Press and Publicity Department) and BBC London. Through my work experience at Channel 4, I still had a strong passion for acting. After graduating I began acting full time, I have worked alongside Hollywood A-listers including Hugh Jackman, Curtis Jackson (50 Cent), Russell Simmons and Ed Sheeran just to name a few.  My Acting credits include Netflix, Sky and BBC three as well as touring with many theatre companies across the UK including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Throughout my career, I have witnessed the power of Play, the power of Drama, the power of Creative Play. Whether that be in Theatre, TV or Film- how the characters and story captivate the audience leaving them feeling moved, touched, affected by the story. Often we find these moments learning moments, or epiphanies, it resonates with us in some way and we walk away with a new mindset/feeling. I've experienced this as an audience member and as an Actor, I've seen how my character/story affects the audience members and vice versa I've also been strongly affected by a character/story. I first discovered the power of Forum Theatre through doing a T.I.E (Theatre In Education) Tour across the UK, we targeted PRU's and PRE-NEETs, we explored the themes of Gang culture and Sexual bullying and devised a play, most of which had never seen live theatre before but the story and character made a huge impact on the young people- they  totally changed their minds about how they felt about the characters and brought great insight on how to resolve these issues that they were personally facing. The same has to also be said about Adults- in our Adult life we go through so many changes and life experiences we're often caught off guard and we don't know how to tackle those issues or manage our own behaviours and can become greatly affected by others, I have discovered again through the power of creative play that we can look at these issues objectively and find solutions. I have worked with social carers, teachers and professionals in education from NGOs, Youth Services to NHS to Schools across UK training professionals in their sector to be the best they can be through hot seating, forum theatre and role play. The results have been life changing! So I'm here to share this experience and bring this magical formula to you all in hopes to change the world together to build a better present and future!

About Us: History
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